The item I wanted is sold out. Will you have it again?

In FRAGAleiria we don’t repeat previously sold items. What may happen is that we receive an item in exchange, in which case the item which was unavailable will appear in stock. We advise you visit the site regularly to check.

When do we know when a given model is coming out?

The dates of launching a new line are always announced on social media. We advise regular visits to the site and social media to be always up to date with what’s new.

Can I order or reserve articles which are already sold out?

We don’t accept reservations or orders for articles which are sold out.

How can I follow my order?

FRAGAleiria always send a message to the email address you use to make the purchase as soon as the order leaves our warehouse. Then you will receive a new email from our transporter, CTT, with a code to allow you to follow your order. (Check your SPAM mail)

Where can I buy FRAGAleiria?

You can only buy FRAGAleiria from our online shop. We don’t do resale. If you find articles with the FRAGAleiria label in any shop we will not be held responsible as this would be an illegal act and not authorized by us. Our articles are sold exclusively online, on this site.

Can I change the delivery address after making a purchase?

To change the address you should contact our transporter, CTT, as soon as possible.

Can I change my billing details after purchase? 

To alter billing details you should contact Customer Service by email to m.margarida@fragaleiria.pt.

Does the article I am going to receive look exactly like the photograph?

The photographs presented on the site are produced in high definition to make the reproduction as close as possible to the original.